R – The Healing Craft

By Jodi Lee
Originally Published 2000
(see author/copyright info below)

Authors: Janet and Stewart Farrar, and Gavin Bone
Published: 1999
Publisher: Phoenix Books
ISBN: 0-919 345-18-2
Pages: 256

I want to dedicate this review/article to the memory of Mr.Stewart Farrar – author of many books, witch, and mentor to many. Blessings to you in the Otherworld.

The main contributor to this book has a nursing degree, and has practiced these methods as both witch and medical professional. Gavin Bone has been with the Farrars for many years, and their coolective energies flow so well together – obvious in this book.

Right from the beginning of the book, we see the detailed research and experience with a lesson in modern biology. Not many pagan/alternative healing books begin with the physical – most consider the physical almost as an after thought. mr Bone and the Farrars on the other hand place the physical highly – and advise knowledge of the body, organs and tissues as a MUST for any healing practitioner.

From the physical we move into energetic therapies, then to spiritual, and into psychological. Past life regression as a means for counselling in the present. A shamanic healing technique is described, as well as the journey a shaman may take to find the power animal.

I quote here from page 222 paragraph 3 – The Power of Naming

“The power of naming is very suitable for use by any group of people. It is very simple and does not require the preparation that is needed for the other techniques mentioned, but familiarity with chakras and basic spiritual healing may be useful. In many respects this method of healing is no different from the raising of the cone of power performed in many Wiccan covens.

Those involved in the healing sit cross-legged, surrounding the patient who sits cross-legged in the middle. Very slowly the group doing the healing begin to chant the person’s name, while using rattles or drums. This will be either his or her given name or Craft or magickal name if he or she has one.

The group should visualize that they are transferring energy from themselves to the patient, normally in the form of light. They may wish to put their hands out in front for this reason. The tempo of the chanting, drumming and rattling should slowly increase, until at a given signal all stop. The group should then ensure that they are adequetly grounded, and that the aura of the patient is sealed.”

At the end of the book, we come to a section on the Last Rites, and bereavement counselling. As many constant readers will know, my family suffered a profound loss this year – the murder of a cousin left the family stunned and in shock for many manoths. By combining candle magick, passing rituals and bereavement counselling tips found here in The Healing Craft, I have been able to help at least one member of my immediate family work through this tragedy.

I think anyone who reads this book will find it enjoyable and much more in depth than most others on the market.

Jodi Lee – is a freelance writer/editor living in southern Manitoba, Canada.
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