R – CD: Sounds for Healing 1

By Jodi Lee
Originally Published 2002
(see author/copyright info below)

Product: CD – Sounds for Healing/1
Composer/Performer: Rainer Tillman
Publisher/Producer: Binkey Kok
Distributed by: Binkey Kok (Red Wheel Weiser)

The CD is composed of two tracks, the first running just under 20 minutes, and the second runs just under 45. The music is comprised of the sounds from Tibetan singing bowls, bells, crystal singing bowls, cymbals, Thailand soundplates and chimes. My first reaction was one of irritation in the back of my head, as though I was again listening to a brain wave generator with only one speaker.

However, after some adjustments with balance, bass and treble, I found a working situation, and the experience became enjoyable. After checking this on both my portable CD player, our stereo system as well as the computer stereo system – I found it needed to be adjusted on all of these, to varying degrees.

Never the less, once I was settled and began listening with my inner self, I found this CD to be quite helpful in bringing about the relaxation desperately needed by me, in order to meditate. I haven’t been meditating as often as I should, because I can’t seem to shake my responsibilities long enough to sit still for a few minutes. Quieting the inner voice telling me I’m missing a deadline, laundry is waiting, dinner hour is well past does not come easy. Sounds for Healing helped here – something in the music caught my inner self attention, and distracted her from bugging me with mundane details.

Within no time I was well into my sacred space, relaxing under the trees of my own world – having a wonderful, peaceful rest. All too quickly, I began to slip back into my physical self and the mundane world.

An hour and a half had passed! The CD had long since stopped, and I felt like I’d had a nights sleep, refreshed and ready to go on. Whatever it is that catches my inner self attention is something I’ll have to keep investigating – or maybe I shouldn’t, and just leave well enough alone.

Despite the rocky start – I highly recommend this CD to those who have difficulty with meditation. If you get a discomforting feeling within your head, try adjusting the stereo. Or, you may not get that at all, depending on your own state of health and mind. The sounds will capture you eventually – and take you to your sacred space. Never doubt the healing power meditation has one stress relief, once one can get past the mundania.

Check your local bookstore or new age store for this one folks – it’s well worth the money!

Jodi Lee – is a freelance writer/editor living in southern Manitoba, Canada.
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