52 Weeks in the Blogosphere

Last year, over at jodilee.ca, I did the Ten Weeks of Blogdom challenge, which was a take off of the Ten Days of Blogdom (or maybe Blogging?) meme on Facebook.

I got through it, I enjoyed the heck out of it, but I slacked off seriously after that. Since I’m doing numerous, personally strengthening challenges this year, I thought this one could be morphed into a year, and would work well here, too.

So that’s what this is – 52 Weeks in the Blogoshphere. Here, I’ll be posting once a week, something pagan, spiritual, healing or food related most likely. I have the other blogs as well, both Morri’s Moon and Into the Mirror. They’ll have other sorts of posts, if you’re interested.

If you would like to participate as well, leave a comment below (before the end of February), and we can all troop around and read each others’ posts.

Feel free to grab the banners – right click and save them to your computer for upload to your blog:

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If you need blogging ideas, try Big Huge Thesaurus Blog Ideas. I loved ‘em for ideas last year!