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I’ve noticed a recent upsurge in people getting here by links that are no longer working. Specifically those looking for the kids book of shadows and coloring pages. Also, I’ve had a few emails from folks saying the site is impossible to navigate.

I will have to disagree, as each and every page that was on the old site, is also on this one. This one is better sorted – all areas are clearly labeled and linked from the sidebar to the left. If there is something you know I have here, but you can’t find it – please use the contact form and I’ll be happy to suss it out for you. If you’re looking for the kids stuff, definitely use the contact form if you’re unable to get it from the kids area. I’d be happy to email it!

Pentacle Approved!

A note from Jill Medicine Heart

Re-posted with permission from Jill….

Today is a day of celebration in Pagan History! A day that no one will ever forget. Certainly not me.

I want to personally thank everyone who have been supportive of Bear and I during his illness and his still hopeful recovery– I want to thank everyone for putting up with me and forwarding all this info about the Pentacle Quest as well. I want to thank everyone for your time and patience that you may have put into the Quest yourself and on the behalf of other veterans.

As a litigant in this case this became very personal and very secretive. <-Grin-> Approximately about 3 weeks ago I was added and that is when the VA decided to settle it’s case against Circle Sanctuary. There were two there mitigating circumstance that were added to the fold– but for the VA to know that they had a pagan veteran who now resides in one of their facility’s I believe put the icing on the cake. Also, things moved sooo quickly there was no time to inform anyone about the new developements.

Never again can the VA discriminate other veteran’s of other faiths– we have paved the way for them– other faiths cannot be declared as second class faiths!

Right now the press releases have been hiting the news media left and right and things are bit crazy with all the emails I am getting over this Quest.

I love you all! I thank you again for your continued love and support for the last 20 months– you have been wonderful. May each and every one of you be blessed for all that you do!

Much love, hugs, kisses–

Jill Medicine Heart Combs

Missing Family

Part of the Family

My daughters and I are missing a member of our family. Pye (short for Pyewacket) is a large, unaltered, male Siamese cat with dark chocolate/seal points. He’s been with our family since late November of 2005 when he came to us as a kitten. He disappeared on or around February 24th from outside our home in Miami.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking he’s unaltered, so he’s off to continue the species. If that was the case, he would have been home by now. And for what it’s worth, he was due to make that trip to the vet’s office, so the nasty phone calls can stop now, all right?

The girls and I watched him grow from a shy little boy into a crazy teenager and finally over these past months into a wonderfully affectionate, cuddly part of the family. He wasn’t just a pet to us, he was more than that. Anyone who has had a pet knows how quickly they can become part of the family, and with a Siamese it is all that more intense. Although Pye had one special member of the family, he loved us all, and anyone else who entered our home. It is for that one special family member that I write this letter. My youngest daughter has had a very bad time of it, without her best friend. I’ve heard her up at night, going to the door and calling him. She goes for long walks in the evenings, calling him. Her heart is broken, and it does not break easily.

We’ve had posters up in Miami, have posted an ad on Pembina Valley Online as well as a notice on the Pembina Valley Humane Society website. I’ve called the local vets’ offices, and emailed several animal shelters in the province. We’ve had no word, even after offering a $50 reward for his return. When the posters have been removed, we’ve replaced them.

I have answered the phone several times now, to have people complain that I didn’t have my cat fixed earlier. I’ve listened to people tell me this person and that person are known to trap and poison cats. I’ve even had one person tell me I must have stolen a neighbor’s cat – even though that neighbor’s cat is female, and not Siamese. What I have come to realize is that someone in this town knows what happened to our Pyewacket, and doesn’t have the nerve to face either myself, or my daughters. Perhaps someone did indeed poison him, or take him out to the country and dump him. It has been known to happen. The ways to ‘get rid’ of an animal are numerous and varied. Perhaps the children that have threatened to kill Pye on occasion in order to upset my oldest daughter know what happened to him, although I would hope their threats were empty ones. Perhaps someone has Pye in their home – he is beautiful and affectionate, as I’ve stated.

But someone knows what happened…

That someone can let us know, anonymously if necessary, by sending a letter, or a postcard. Anything – but set our minds at rest. Let this little girl grieve her friend, if it is grieving she must do. Let this little girl have her friend back – give us our family member back – if you have him. We can identify him, and should he be alive we do have the reward waiting. A reward my daughters have given from their own savings.

Thank you.