CP – Tir N’Aill

The Goddess’ and Heroes of Celtic beliefs are many, and of varied temperment! If you are looking for one in particular, the Ladies are listed in alphabetical order. I have tried to cover as many of the Celtic cultures as possible!

Achtland ~ legend has it she took a giant for husband because no mortal man could satisfy her!

Adsullata ~ possibly the origin of the Anglo-Celtic sun Goddess Sul.

Aerten ~ a Welsh Goddess of Fate.

Aife ~ sister to Scathach, was leader of a band of warrior horse-women. Was a lover of Cuchulain.

Aine ~ an Irish cattle, sun, and fire Goddess.

Andraste ~ her name means “the invincible one”. A war Goddess.

Anu ~ the Maiden aspect of one of the Triple Goddesses. A Goddess of abundance.

Arianrhod ~ a Welsh Goddess of the Full Moon, and the Wheel of the Year. Her name means “silver circle”.

Badb ~ the Crone aspect of Anu in the Triplicity. A war Goddess often associated with the “Ban-Sidhe”.

Banbha ~ one of the three Goddess who tried to keep the Milesians from invading Ireland.

Bean Naomha ~ an Irish Goddess of wisdom.

Blodeuwedd ~ a Goddess of the May, she was created out of flowers by Math and Gwyddion as a wife for Llew.

Boann ~ an Irish Goddess of water. The Boyne river is named for her.

Branwyn ~ A Welsh Goddess of love.

Brighid ~ the great Mother Goddess of Ireland. She initiated the use of the mourning cry called the “caoine” or keening after her son’s death in battle. TOP

Cailleach Beare ~ the archetypical Crone Goddess.

Caireen ~ a mother Goddess, specifically for children.

Cebhfhionn ~ a Goddess of inspiration and knowledge.

Cerridwen ~ her cauldron of knowledge is famous. She is a Goddess of the moon, and grain, as well as knowledge. Generally perceived as a mother.

Corra ~ a Scottish Goddess of prophecy.

Creiddylad ~ another May Goddess over whom two warriors must fight to the death for the fertility of the land.

Cyhiraeth ~ now much like Ireland’s BanSidhe, she was once a Goddess of streams.

Danu ~ another great Mother Goddess of Ireland.

Dia Greine ~ a minor sun Goddess.

Eire ~ The Goddess Protector of Ireland. The island is named for her.

Elphame ~ a Scottish Goddess of death and disease.

Epona ~ A Celtic-Gaul horse Goddess, Epona’s legend and myth spread as far west as Ireland, and as far east as Rome. She is the only Celtic deity to have been worshipped in Roman shrines, where she was known as Eponae. You may know of the horse image cut into the hill at Uffington, England. This was directly linked to her followers.

Erce ~ A harvest Goddess sometimes symbolised by the Horn of Plenty.

Eri ~ A Tuatha de Danann virgin Goddess.

Fachea ~ an Irish Goddess of poetry. Sometimes heralded as the patron Goddess of the bards.

Fand ~ Once married to the sea God Manann, she was a minor sea Goddess, as well as one of the Goddess Twins of earthly pleasures with her sister Liban.

Fland ~ A minor lake Goddess.

Flidias ~ a shape-shifting Goddess of the Woodlands.

Fodlha ~ One of the Triplicity with Eire and Banbha.

Garbh Ogh ~ Goddess of the Hunt. It is thought the Horned God is her consort.

Goewin ~ Welsh Goddess of sovreignty.

Goleuddydd ~ A Welsh sow Goddess, the mother of Culwch.

Grian ~ Once a powerful Sun deity in Ireland, she is also the Goddess of the waning year.

Habondia ~ A Goddess of prosperity.

Henwen ~ The Anglo-Celtic sow Goddess, similar to the Welsh Cerridwen.

Kele-De ~ An Irish Goddess of feminine power.

Latis ~ a lake Goddess who eventually became the Goddess of ale and Mead.

Liban ~ With her twin sister, Fand, she is one of the Goddesses of Earthly pleasures and Health.

Luaths Lurgann ~ A warrior Goddess, known as Ireland’s fastest runner.

Macha ~ One of a triplicity, she represents death, destruction, strife and disease.

Matrona ~ Goddess of the Marne River.

Melusine ~ A serpent Goddess.

Morgan LeFay ~ Half sister to King Arthur, she was a Goddess of Glastonbury Tor, as well as the Sea, Death, and Sovreignty.

Morrigan (also Morrigu) ~ Often misinterpreted as a triplicity, Morrighan is a goddess of war, death and change.

Murrigen ~ Irish lake Goddess associated with the deluge myths.

Naas ~ This Goddess was a wife of Lugh, the Sun God.

Nemain ~ a war Goddess.

Nemetona ~ Goddess of all sacred spaces.

Niamh ~ A Goddess who leads deceased warriors to Tir na Nog, land of the forever young.

Nimue ~ Also thought to be a Goddess of Glastonbury Tor or Avalon. It was Nimue who sealed Merlin in his Ice Castle, although from love or spite is unclear to me!!!!

Noctiluca ~ A Goddess of Magick.

Plur na mBhan ~ Daughter of Niamh and Ossian, a Goddess of Beltaine.

Ratis ~ Goddess of protective fortifications.

Rhiannon ~ A potent symbol of fertility, bringer of dreams, and a Moon deity, she is also the Goddess of the Otherworld, and Death. She is thought to be a Welsh version of Epona. Her stories are sad, yet beautiful at the same time. TOP

Scathach ~ The great warrioress who ran a training school for warriors. Sister to Aife, who taught women to fight, the two were in perpetual competition with each other.

Scena ~ Wife to Amergin, possibly once a Goddess of confluence.

Scota ~ A Mother Goddess. She was the wife of Mil, and the mother of the Milesians who invaded Ireland, and the daughter of the Egyptian pharoah Cingris.

Sequana ~ An Earth and River Goddess.

Sheila na Gig ~ A Goddess of regneration.

Sin ~ One-time patron Goddess of warriors.

Sinann ~ Grand-daughter of Manann, she was the namesake and Goddess of the River Shannon.

Sul ~ A Goddess of hot springs, she had a shrine near the present day spa at Aquae Sulis, in England.

Taillte ~ An Irish Goddess of competition and the Lughnasadh Sabbat. Said to have been the foster-mother of the Sun God Lugh.

Tea ~ Goddess of the Royal Stronghold at Tara, some say the site is named for her.

Tlachtga ~ A Samhain Goddess.

Triuduana ~ A Goddess of the Edinburgh area, rather than submit the the Pict King Nechtan’s advances, she plucked out her own eyes in order to destroy her beauty.

The Triple Goddess ~ An ever changing trio of Goddesses, symbolising Maiden, Mother, Crone.

Turrean ~ A lovely Goddess turned into an Irish Wolfhound by a jealous rival. The two are often noted as the Maiden and Crone.

Uathach ~ A warrior Goddess similar to her mother, Scathach.

Viviane ~ See Nimue. Sometimes seen as one and the same, sometimes as entirely separate beings.

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