Sprites – Meditations Part Two

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Author: Maureen Garth
Book: Earthlight, Starbright and Moonbeam
Publisher: Harper Collins Religious

The Tree, the River, and the Canoe

In your garden you will feel the warmth of the golden sun through your body. There is a very gentle breeze, and the sky is a beautiful sapphire blue.

As you walk down your path you will come to a very old, gnarled tree. His branches are laden with leaves and they are moving gently in the light wind.

I want you to go to this tree and put your arms around the trunk so that you can feel in yourself the strength and life force of this tree. Feel the warmth of the earth coming up through your feet and meeting the life force of the tree. As you do this, you will feel a love for the earth and nature. When you have finished hugging the tree, say “Goodbye.” Tell him that you will see him later on, but you want to go now to talk to the river. He is nodding his head in agreement and, if you look at his trunk, you will see a smile. Off you go now, down to the river. The river is flowing very peacefully, and the water is so clear you can see right to the bottom. If you want, you can paddle your feet while you watch the golden fish swim by nibbling at their dinner.

I can see lots of canoes on the river. One is coming ashore for you. I can see you getting in. You don’t have to paddle the canoe unless you want to, you can just lie back and relax as the waves gently rock the boat. Feel the warmth of the sun on your body.

As you drift down the stream, you notice little bridges crossing from one side to the other. These bridges are arched over the water and they have red and yellow balloons floating from the center. A few of these balloons have fallen into the water. If you are quick, you could catch some before they drift away. There are people on these bridges and they are waving to you as you float past. Perhaps you may want to land your boat and explore. You could cross one of these bridges to see what’s on the other side, or you may prefer to keep on drifting.

I shall leave you now in your canoe…

* * * *

The Fairies

In your garden, the sky is a deep indigo blue with huge ballooning white clouds floating by and a yellow ball for the sun; it is so lovely and peaceful. You can see before you a pathway that is winding in and out of the trees. I want you to walk down that path until you come to a small clearing, if you look very, very carefully you can see the fairies. They have been waiting very patiently for you.

I want you to see yourself becoming smaller and smaller until you are just the same size as the fairies and the elves. They are very excited to have you visit them and they have made you a fantastic costume in your favorite color, and it glistens and glows in the sunlight. The fabric is so light it could float away if you didn’t hold on to it.

To go with this magical outfit is a pair of wings that sparkle and shimmer in the sunlight. They are in a lighter shade then your costume. I want you now to dress up and put your wings on, and don’t you look wonderful. The fairies are giving you a crown of flowers and herbs, and the perfume from these is rich and exciting.

The fairies want you to go flying with them, and they will take you to examine the flowers that they look after. Each fairy has its own special flower and the perfume and clothes reflect its color and scent. When the fairies take off together, it’s like looking at all the colors of the rainbow.

Two of the fairies, one on either side, will help you to fly, because this is the first time you have used your wings. It feels glorious to be free in the air. Its as though you were floating. They are taking you to their special flowers. You will land on the petals, which feel like velvet. If you lie down you will feel the softness of these petals and the sun warming the flowers.

When you have finished looking at the flowers, and you feel its time to rest, after all, flying can be very tiring. I want you to come back to the clearing. The fairies and the elves are having a party for you. There will be fairy cookies, fairy bread, and gingerbread cakes. You will sit on a small toadstool with a bigger toadstool for a table, and you will drink from tiny pink shells.

There are many games to play, and I know you will enjoy playing with these little people…

* * * *

Shooting for the Stars

As you enter your garden, you can feel the freshness of the night air caressing your cheeks, ruffling your hair, surrounding your body. The flowers are bending their bodies in the slight breeze as though to say something is going to happen.

There is an air of excitement in your garden, an air that says you are going to travel far, far away, perhaps even out of this world. Would you like that? Some people say they are going to shoot for the stars and perhaps you could do the same. Have you thought about going to the stars? I think that would be fun.

Just stand in the clearing in the Centre of your garden, near the Grandfather Tree, and turn your face upwards towards the many stars that are in the sky overhead. They are all sending a lovely light down to where you are in your garden. Look at all the stars and you will find that one will stand out from the rest with its beautiful light. This is the one what you will go on.

Keep looking towards the star you have chosen and you will see a stream of brilliant white light coming towards you. This white light is like a link of energy, which will transport you forever upwards. You can feel your body lifting off the grass and being taken high above the earth moving towards the heavens. It is lovely to feel free and to be transported by this pillar of light. The air is fresh and cool around you and the many stars in the universe sparkle in the black velvet sky and send off many twinkling lights which can be seen on the earth.

This beam of light is taking you faster and higher as you shoot past many smaller stars. And there you are, standing on the star you have chosen. This star’s light streams towards the earth.

Look at the star earth beneath your feet and you will find it very different that what you normally stand on. It is full of small sparkles, which light the path you are on and show the way. There is a waterfall nearby and, if you stand underneath it, you will find that instead of water coming around body, you are being bathed in special starlight so that you now sparkle and gleam with this lovely starlight.

You may find star people living here. I wonder what they will look like? I imagine they will have wonderful silver clothes and flowing hair. They may speak a different language but you will be able to understand them.

Why don’t you go looking for them? I think they would love to know someone has traveled such a long way to see them…

* * * *

The Mermaid and her Family

Your garden has a lovely feel to it as you enter and it seems to greet you. The flowers bend from their waists and nod, and butterflies of many different colors crowd around the lilies and daffodils.

As you go further forward into your garden, you can hear water splashing and the sound of laughter. I wonder where this can be coming from?

How beautiful the water is as you turn the corner and the sea comes into view. The sand is bright from the sun gleaming down and the water looks so clean and fresh and blue. If you walk along the beach a little way, you will come to a cove, which is small and protected, and this looks like a very special place where you can swim.

There are large rocks in the crystal clear water and small fish of many varied colors swim around them. Why don’t you dive into the water and swim with the fish? They would love to float in the water with you. These fish are all the colors of the rainbow and of many different shapes and sizes.

I can see a movement deep in the water. Why don’t you dive into the depths to see where this movement is coming from? If people do live underneath the water, they must have a lovely home so deep beneath the sea. Can you see who it is? I think they are playing games with you. Why don’t you come back to the surface of the water and sit on one of the rocks? There is a large rock nearby and someone is sitting there. She has lovely long hair, which she is combing out for the sun to dry, and a very long tail. Why, it is a mermaid. I wonder what it would be like to be a mermaid? She is smiling and laughing at you and beckons you to come closer.

She has very white teeth and a beautiful smile as she makes you welcome. If you look at the other rocks coming out of the water, you will see there are mermaid children resting on these rocks and waving to you.

The mermaid would like to take you to her home, which is a cave underneath the water. The children on the other rocks are preparing to dive as she takes you by the hand before gently leaving her rock. She is taking you deep under the water and into the cave where her husband, the merman, is. He has prepared a great feast in your honour and they would love you to join them for a seaweed dinner.

The children are all giggling and are so happy that you have come to see them. They have a spare tail for you to put on so that you can feel what it is like to swish it around as you dive through the water.

It is such fun to swim with this lovely family. You may want to swim back to the rocks later and watch the ships go by. Perhaps you could wave to the people and surprise them by swishing your new tail at them…

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