Friday Tarot: Ace of Swords

Starting what I hope will become a regular thing, I’ll be posting a new one-card tarot reading every Friday.

Today, I pulled the Ace of Swords.

Symbolizes: honesty, justice, integrity, fortitude, intellect

A clear understanding of the past, present and future has taken root in your life, but you may not know it yet. It shows a beginning of possibility in so many ways – justice, truth, clarity, intelligence. The outcome can materialize in any form, from a great idea, to financial security through an important decision, to a breakthrough in relationships around you.

However, sooner or later life throws a curve-ball that you’ll either catch, or miss. The Ace of Swords is a reminder to meet these issues with an honest resolve, standing strong, keeping to your ethics.

The Ace of Swords encourages you to look to your current situation, and how a focused mind and energy could work towards your personal goals. If you maintain personal honesty, integrity and insight, this card will help you focus on achieving your desires.

Holiday Wishes..

yule card
I’m so late getting a Yule greeting up this year. Then again, I’m always late when it comes to posting on this blog. ;) Rather than re-posting my Yule/Christmas articles from The Pagan & The Pen, I’ll send you over there. Everyone’s been real busy posting their work, so take your time and browse around. You won’t be disappointed!

May all the brightest of blessings grace your lives this holiday season, no matter what the celebration you take part in.

It was less than a week following Samhain, in 2000. My girls were clamoring for the Christmas tree to be put up, and presents to be put under it. Amazingly enough, once told that it was still seven weeks before Christmas and that was a long time to wait and not open those presents, they relented. Just a little…
– > Read More < -- In September of 2003, I lost the man who was everything to me growing up. My grandfather was as close to a father as I would get, and he was probably one of the strongest men I’ve ever known. From late 2001 until his passing, he went through a great many changes in his life, and his strength was sapped beyond repair.
– > Read More < -- In years past, my mother, grandmother and I would do vast amounts of dainties; from miniature butter tarts to easy as a breeze no-bake cookies, at least 1200 treats graced the tables between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. Nothing like homemade butter tarts, trust me!
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