CP – Tir N’aNog

The list of Celtic Gods is extensive, and covers as many of the Celtic cultures and regions as I could research.

Abarta ~ A God of the Tuatha.

Accasbel ~ An early God of wine, ale, and mead.

Aengus MacAedh ~ A brother to the Goddesses Fand and Liban. Possibly a God of Song.

Aengus MacOg ~ The son of The Dagda and Boann, he is seen as the God of young love.

Aesun ~ Possibly an early Irish God from creation myths.

Albion ~ Possibly another God from creation myths, lost to our society.

Alisanos ~ A Gaulish God of stones.

Amaetheon ~ A Welsh God of farming.

Ambisagrus ~ A Breton God of Weather. In the Roman occupation, his mythology merged with that of Jupiter.

Amergin ~ Chief Bard of the Milesians, he made contact with the Tuatha, and attempted peace. He promised the four Goddesses the island would be named after them.

Anind ~ Represents the re-born Sun God. Probably revered at Yule ot Imbolc.

Arrawn ~ The King of Annwn, the Otherworld.

Ard Greimme ~ Once a Sun God, he is the father of Scathach and Aife.

Artaius ~ A God of sheep and herders in Celtic Gaul.

King Arthur ~ His stories are very popular, however it is possible there may be some basis in fact. The seventh century king, Artorius fought to drive the Saxons from Britain, and his stories may have merged with those of an ancient sacrificial king/God and then merged once more into those of King Arthur.

Afagddu ~ The son of Cerridwen and Tegid, he was acclaimed as the ugliest child on Earth. Possibly a God of inner beauty, strength and wisdom.

Baile ~ Literally, the God of Blarney.

Balor ~ The grand-father of Lugh, he was replaced by him as the Sun God.

Barinthus ~ Probably once a Sun or Sea God, now charioteer to the residents of the Otherworld.

Beli (or Bel) ~ Primary Welsh father God. Once a minor Sun God, for whom Beltaine was named. His role now seems to be that of God of death in the Underworld.

Bladud ~ A regional sun God associated to the English hot springs at Aquae Sulis.

Bormanus ~ Probably one of the earliest Celtic Gods of whom nothing is know today.

Borvo ~ Another God of hot springs.

Bran The Blessed ~ Possibly a God of protection and the waning year. It is said his head was carried back from battle, speaking to his soldiers the entire journey, and then buried near the Tower of London. His ravens are still protecting the Royal Family line, as it is said should the Ravens ever leave Tower Hill…the Royal Family will crumble and lose their crown.

Breasal ~ Possibly a God of travel. It is said that Portugese explorers thought that they had landed in his territory, and therefore named “Brazil” in his honor.

Brenos ~ A Continental war God.

Bussumarus ~ A Celtic Gaul God identified with Jupiter.

Camulos ~ A war God from the Colchester region of England.

Carne ~ Another version of the Horned God of the Hunt.

Cernnunos ~ One of the many names for the Horned God. Primal fertility God, consort to the Great Mother, also depicted as Lord of the Woodlands and Keeper of the Gates to the Otherworld.

Cian ~ Son of the God of medicine, Diancecht, father of the sun God Lugh.

Condatis ~ A Continental God of confluence, whose sacred space was where two rivers or bodies of water met.

Credne ~ God of metallurgy and smithing.

Cromm Cruiach ~ Also called Lord of the Mound, he is seen as a harvest, death, and sacrificial God.

Cronos ~ A minor sun and harvest God.

Cuchulain ~ Ireland’s great hero. He may once have been worshipped as a minor sun God.

Cythrawl ~ His energy has been personified as deity. His home is the Underworld.

The Dagda ~ His name means “The Good God” or the “all father”. A very potent father God figure, he may possibly have been a personification of the creative principle, son/consort of the Mother Goddess. He is the father of Brid and her sisters (a triplicity) and was lover to the Morrigan (also a triplicity), and was though to be a triplicity himself.

Don ~ Lord of the Underworld, consort to the crone Goddess Macha, son of Faery King Midhir. A death God.

Diancecht ~ A jealous God of medicine, when his children helped king Nuada regain his throne by fashioning an arm of silver and replacing his eye, Diancecht first slew his son Miach, and his daughter, Airmid, fled from him in fear. He then threw her wealth of herbal knowledge to the winds, scattering it forever.

Dunatis ~ celtic Gaul God of fortifications.

Dylan ~ Guardian deity of the mouth of the River Conway.

Easal ~ A God of abundance and prosperity.

Epos Ollsatir ~ A horse God often though of as a male version of the Goddess Epona, or perhaps her consort.

Essus ~ A Breton harvest God.

Finvarra ~ A mighty father God who has become known as a Faery king. He rules the burgh at Knockma with Oonaugh, his wife.

Fionn MacCumhal ~ A legendary warrior God/giant.

Gog ~ The male counterpart of fertility Goddess Magog.

Goibniu ~ A master goldsmith at Tara, he is a patron God of craftspeople.

Goidel ~ The common ancestor of the “Goidelic” Celts, the Irish, Manx, and Scottish. A God of language and communication.

Grannos ~ Early God of mineral springs, and on the Continent he was a minor sun God.

The Green Man ~ The God of Woodlands is rather like the Oak king, has many similarities to Cernunnos; he has blended into christianity as another form of their “devil”. He is seen with green hair and skin, with clothes made of green leaves.

Guaire ~ A guardian God of Brugh na Boinne – the Cairn at Newgrange.

Gwawl ap Clud ~ Son of the Goddess Clud, he was possibly a minor sun God. He is a participant of the Rhiannon/Pwyll myths.

Gwion Bach ~ The boy charged with stirring the potion of knowledge brewed by Cerridwen fo her son, Afagddu. When three drops landed on his finger, he sucked it off, and gained the knowledge. Cerridwen chased him down, and although he changed shape many times, she finally caught him, and consumed him while he was a grain of corn, and she a hen. He was re-born, from Cerridwen, as Taliesin.

Gwyddno ~ A one time sea God, now thought of as a sea monster.

Gwyn ap Nudd ~ Patron God of fallen warriors, and a God of war, he may also be an Otherworld God, who leads the souls to Annwn.

Hevydd Hen ~ Father of Rhiannon, king of Faeries for a time.

Holly King & Oak King ~ the sacrificial Gods who are essentially two aspects of the same being. The Holly King represents the waning year, and must battle the Oak King at Midsummer. The Oak King represents the waxing year, and must battle the Holly King at Yule.

Hu Gadarn ~ The common ancestor and father God to the Cymry (Welsh).

Ialonus ~ A Continental fertility God who rules all cultivated fields.

Ibath ~ A Nemedian thought to be an ancestor/father/God to the Tuatha.

Idath ~ A warrior and fertility God married to the Goddess Bo Find.

Iubdan of the Faylinn ~ An Ulster God known as King of the Faeries.

Keevan (also Ceibhan) ~ May once have been a God of the Hunt.

Leucetios ~ A thunder God similar to the Norse God Thor.

Llasar Llaesgyfnewid ~ A Welsh battle God.

Llew Llaw Gyffes ~ The son of Arianrhod and her brother Gwyddion, or possibly her Uncle Math. Thought to be the same as the Irish sun God Lugh.

Llud ~ A river God for whom Ludgate in London is named.

Lludd ~ Son of the death God Beli, and a death God in his own right.

Llyr (also Lir) ~ A powerful God of the sea. Father of better known sea God Manann.

Luchtain ~ A minor war and death God.

Lugain Riab nDerg ~ Foster brother to Cuchulain, he is thought to represent a masculine version of the Triple Goddess.

Lugh ~ A God of the sun, light and grain harvest, his Sabbat is Lughnasadh. He is also worshipped as a God of weaving, fire and metallurgy, crafting and protector of the weak.

Mabon ~ He represents the innocence of youth , then strength and virility as a man, and the sacrificial God when elderly. The fall equinox “Mabon” is his Sabbat.

MacCecht ~ God of the plow for the Tuatha.

MacCuill ~ Sea God of the Tuatha.

MacGreine ~ Sun God of the Tuatha.

Manann ~ Sea God for whom the Isle of Man is named. Second husband to Rhiannon.

Math ap Mathonwy ~ Brother to Mother Goddess Don, a minor sun God and ruler of the Otherworld.

Mathonwy ~ The early father God.

Merlin ~ The bard, Druid, seer, magician of the Arthurian legends.

Midhir ~ He is seen as a Faery God, and a minor Otherworld God.

Myrddin Wyllt ~ A woodland God.

Nechtan ~ A Pict king, also a water God.

Neit ~ A Tuatha war God. Nemglan~ a bird God.

Nuada of the Silver Hand ~ The last king of the Tuatha, also a God of war.

Nodens ~ A river God.

Nwyvre ~ Possibly once a father sky God.

Ogham ~ The God of communication and writing who invented the Ogham alphabet, which he gave to the Druids.

Ogyrvran ~ Patron God of the arts.

Owen Lawgoch ~ A sleeping king/God, similar to King Arthur.

Pryderi ~ The son of Rhiannon and Pwyll, he is the only person mentioned in all parts of the Mabinogion.

Pwyll ~ Father of Pryderi, human husband of Rhiannon, king of Dyfed who also became king of Annwn.

Segomo ~ A continental war God.

Slaine ~ Possibly once a deity of the healing arts.

Somhlth ~ A deity with incarnation. He represents the pure masculine energy.

Taliesin ~ Minor barley God.

Taranus ~ A thunder God in Celtic Gaul.

Teutates ~ Probably a tribal God.

Teyrnon ~ A minor fertility God.

Tuan MacCairill ~ A God of animals and woodlands.

Urien ~ A minor sun God.

Ysbadadden ~ A sacrificial God fated to die if his successor were to marry his daughter.

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