CP – The Father’s Words

My intent in making this transcription is that this be placed into the public domain. You may send this as you wish, please keep it intact, and attribute it to the Freefolk, by way of Thermal.
*Please contact ierne if you wish to contact Thermal – thank you*

Again I stand before you to be seen, know I stand within you, and all about, for I am that which makes change.
I am the key to the door into Life, and the Light which awakens the sleeper,and I am that within you which knows Truth.
And I am the Shadow who will return you to your sleeping.
I am the Will to win against all odds, and the Courage for to be unconquered free.
I am the Hunter, and I am the Hunted, and I am the Hunt.
I am the Sower, and I am the Reaper, and I am the corn.
I am the Dancer, and I am the Dancing, and I am the Dance.
I am the Life, and I am the Death, and I am the Dying.
My Power is yours, given free in your hands, to fulfill you or destroy you let you guide it with Love.
And I have shaped the face of all that Lives.
I am the Light which bids the Earth to Dance, and I give you to know of all you see, and I am the fire of Life within your breast..
I have sown the seeds of all that Live, and given each the time to have their life.
And I swing the scythe which reaps all things.
So bravely stand, and dance your dance with me, and use your Will and Courage to be free.
Protect the things you Love to Honor me, and never in submission bend your knee.
Give portions to the tame, and to the wild.
And always guard the Mother, and the Child.
Deal fair with what’s below, and what’s above,
And celebrate the Dance, and learn to Love.

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