R – A Little Book of Candle Magic

By Jodi Lee
Originally Published 2000
(see author/copyright info below)

Title: A Little Book of Candle Magic
Author: D. J. Conway
Publisher: Crossing Press
ISBN: 1-58091-043-2
Copyright/Release: 2000 D.J. Conway

Ms.Conway’s first release following her move from Llewellyn Worldwide to Crossing Press is another star amongst her titles. Although the size of the book is deceiving, it is quite an interesting read, with many tips and ideas for the practical candle magician.

The format is one I haven’t personally seen for years, at least not for adult books. It is 5 1/2″ by 6 1/4″ in size, which, while it is small, makes it an excellent fit in most knapsacks, hand bag, or what ever you may carry. The cover art is picturesque – five lit candles gently glowing against a dark background with varying shades of blue in sky patterns framing the image.

Inside, I found a wealth of information on the history of wo/man, fire and worship.

“Shamans kindled their fires in specific ways with special woods. They used this fire to light mysterious caves and sacred power sites that only certain people entered for mystical rituals. These holy fires helped the shaman and other initiated participants connect with the spiritual worlds where they received messages and first learned healing and magic.” (pg. 1 p2)

Descriptions of candle types, colors, planetary, zodiac and daily correspondences follows. The types and colors are varied, quite a large listing and very detailed in description. The usage’s of oils, stones and incenses combined with candles is written of in depth, and from there, the subject moves to when. Ms. Conway has included within the book an area practical magic books tend to leave out – which is a grand gesture here. I was thoroughly impressed when I saw her chart – separated into easy to read and understand days with AM and PM hours on two charts. Bravely using the symbols for each ruling planet, it is an excellent reference.

Chapter 6 brings us to the Candle Spells. A large collection, with very detailed steps, this was a surprise bonus. I enjoyed reading through each spell, taking notes here and there on particular oils and herbs to be used in conjunction with candles. The healing section is wonderful. These are spells I will most definitely be trying in rituals.

Excerpt from Chapter 6 – pgs.. 103-104 General Healing 2

“Candles – Straight or votive candles in the colors of one gold (healing, happiness), one green (renewal, balance), one pink (spiritual awakenings, healing), one purple (drive away evil, healing), one red (energy, courage, good health), one silver (neutralizes a situation, remove negatives), one yellow (confidence, healing), and one white (wholeness, balance the aura).

Oils – Clove or gardenia.

Herbs – Myrrh.

Incense – Jasmine or myrrh.

Stones – Beryl and fluorite.

Other Supplies – Placket with photo of sick person.

Timing – On the full moon or waxing moon cycle.

Day – Sunday (health, healing), Thursday (good health), Monday (medicine), or Wednesday (medicine).

Advice – Always make sure the person for whom the healing is done actually wants to be healed. Some people subconsciously do not want a healing. Their illness gives them leverage to control those around them. With such a person, no amount of healing will take effect.

Spellwork – Light the altar candles and the incense. Place the placket containing the sick person’s photo or a paper with their name in the center of your working space. Set the beryl to the left side of the placket and the fluorite to the right. Anoint the candles from the wick to the end. The candles go in a doubled square around this. On the upper left corner of the square, arrange the gold and white candles, the upper right, the pink and green. On the lower right, set the red and purple candles, and on the lower left, set the yellow and silver ones. Light the candles, beginning with the upper left ones and working clockwise around the square.

Say the chant. Let the candles burn out completely. Dispose of the wax afterward.
Chant -
I call in the Light of healing,
To fill the body, mind, and spirit of (Name).
The Light cannot be denied it’s healing powers,
No one and nothing can stop it from its cleansing path.
I draw down the Light! I draw down the Light!”

Finally, I want to comment on the diagrams from pages 147-174. Although many books include altar lay-out diagrams, I have rarely seen a book with altar lay-out specific to each spell. All in all, I was once again fascinated by Ms.Conway’s work. I recommend “A Little Book of Candle Magic” highly!

Jodi Lee – is a freelance writer/editor living in southern Manitoba, Canada.
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