Sprites – Really Cool Project!

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All you need is:

Std. Christmas balls (glass)
copper tubing(from a hardware store in the plumbing section)
clear silicone glue
and copper wire(optional)

All you do is cut the tubing to the desired length add a little extra to stick in the ground or to make curlie Q’s or zig zags, cause the tubing is flexible and it adds a little interest. You’ll need to take one of the ornaments to the store because depending on the size of the ornaments you’ll need different sizes of the copper tubing. Then glue the glass ornament to the end with the silicone and wrap the stem with copper wire to hide any extra glue.(You can hang a little tag from the wire if you want to turn it into a plant marker).

Another option is to solder the ornament to the tubing if you have a soldering iron or gun, all you need is a little copper tape, the kind used in stained glass. That’s the way I do it but the other way is simpler if you don’t have the stained glass tools and it also goes faster with the silicone.

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