GOYB Week #7

Yes, I know. I’ve missed several weeks. I’m a bad witchy weight loser. I also haven’t been keeping up with 52Weeks, so it’s not just the flub I’m avoiding.

February has just not been a good month for anything, except work. Personally and through Belfire, a lot of work has been done and put out there into the world. I know I have to make changes to my life in order to start getting healthy, but I’ve also got commitments I can’t flake out on.


So, I’ve lost about two pounds (see-sawing) since I last updated, and about an inch and a half. I haven’t been keeping up with the host blog, either, so I’m not sure what the challenges have been.

My personal challenges have been fail since the last update; the food diary skipped out the window, I’ve had a few carbonated drinks (do I get less whuppin’ because they’re Dole Sparklers?), and practically dropped the exercise entirely. See? I said I was a bad witchy weight loser. <|x^P BUT I’ve tripled my water intake, and plan on quadrupling by the end of March. Why? Because that’ll be about what an average person drinks. I’ve managed to get up to six 8 ounce glasses a day, and I’ve cut the majority of ‘crap’ drinking (coffee, tea, high-fructose juices & soda) to a minimum.

Believe me, the caffeine headaches have been raging over here.

Goals for the remaining 4 weeks of the formal challenge:

We don’t have normal TV anymore as we purposely chose to have just Netflix, so I don’t have the weekly Biggest Loser as an inspiration boost. I’m considering tracking it down online, even if I just listen to it while I’m working, that’ll be something.

Does anyone know of any podcasts or the like, dealing with weight loss and getting fit?

Good luck this week!

(will link at the host blog once the week 8 post is up)

GOYB Week #2 Check In

A loss of 4.5 inches overall (neck, chest, waist & hips) and 2 pounds, in the past seven days… I believe this is mainly from the edema going down, though.

I have to say it’s been a struggle this week, to keep away from the pop. Draco’s been into it a fair bit, but once it’s all out of the house – I’m not buying more. We can’t have the diet stuff, due to aspartame allergies (she got SO sick with diet sprite), so we’ll just go without. Besides, I’d rather the small amount of chemicals (natural and otherwise) in Crystal Light and water, than the everything else in colas.

Most of the Crystal Light singles have been awesome, though – so far we’ve tried raspberry-peach (aspartame free), raspberry ice and cherry-pomegranate. It does taste a wee bit like kool-aid, but not as much as some other products. I’m hoping to pick up more of the types sweetened by Splenda, rather than aspartame. So far though, there have been no severe negative reactions, so I’m thinking maybe the allergies are reactions to the sweetener and another chemical in pop? *shrug*

Catch Up, and GOYB Week 2

Back online, finally… it’s been a week of a lot of rest and relaxation, without my computer!

52Weeks posts, Imbolc and the amazing disappearing tarot posts will be posted as soon as I get some time to get them organized. I’ve got some handwritten stuff for the blog and tarot, and Imbolc is still with the independent editor. Tick tock, and all that. < |;-p Also, I've got some excellent recipes to share once I get 'em typed up! As for GOYB, week 1 was a start, anyway. I’ve had no pop of any sort since the 1st, and I’ve cut my coffee intake by half, substituting tea instead. I’ve tripled my water intake, though we’re using bottled rather than the Brita (I need new filters). My food diary looks all neat and tidy right now, each item listed so carefully.

Honestly, I’m rather proud of that. Usually my food diaries consisted of scribbled notes on bits of paper or post-its. When Draco and I went pet-supply shopping, we found spiral-bound notebooks really cheap, and since she’s always buying them to re-do her notes for class, I got her to grab one for me, too.